Szabadi Zsolt és Anita Ambrossi

A little family dream.
As we say usually, the AMBROSSI is our children, born in 2005.

We knows in beginning year 2005 with my wife, Anita, that for our new eyewear collection we need a name…an own brandname. As you know, when we are waiting for a baby birth, we have mostly everything, but what should be the name…names, lists, ideas…uhhh! We tryed to find a name which should be happy, sounds good, dynamic, be easy to remember, but different than others.

The list of names has grown nicely, and then we started sorting, we started tasting, saying the names…and what we liked best, seemed to be the tastiest, which had a little secret in it – what could it be…and of course a little smile, cheerfulness … well, that’s what survived, it won…the AMBROSSI.

This is how this brand name was born, as the dream of a young couple, here in Hungary, in a small town, Kecel, in 2005. Since then, we have been developing, shaping, striving to be beautiful, to be good, to be a joy to you too!

Thank you for being with us in this dream!


Anita & Zsolt